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Why every bride-to-be needs acupuncture

It's no secret that I LOVE acupuncture.  It took me a while to listen to my friends,  and then, getting engaged made me really start taking care of myself and my health.  I'm now on a three-week cycle and I can really tell the different in my posture, stress level, flexibility, everything!

Some Benefits of Acupuncture:

  • Reducing stress, jet lag, fatigue or mental exhaustion
  • Alleviating headaches without the use of drugs
  • Digestive Health and Weight Loss Support - increase metabolism and help your body detox; assist with proper breakdown for a healthy digestive track
  • Assist with common skin concerns caused by hormonal imbalance or allergies

As a bride, you're working overtime every day and you're up against a wedding deadline. If you're in Charleston, take my advice and go see Sarah Stower of Charleston Acupuncture.  She's located in the adorable McCrady's alley and tell her the ladies of A Signature Welcome sent you!

For more information, Check out The New York Times article HERE.