A Signature Welcome

Returns Policy

Because each gift is curated and hand prepared just for you, we do not offer any returns.  If you have any questions about samples, products, or artwork please contact us!

Terms & Conditions

A Signature Welcome is a retailer of specialty gourmet products and gifts.  Proposals are owned and operated by A Signature Welcome, LLC. All content including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, written and other materials in our proposals are property of A Signature Welcome, LLC. and our authors, designers, photographers, etc. All worldwide rights are reserved. Any reproduction in whole or in part of our custom proposal is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of A Signature Welcome, LLC.  A Signature Welcome, LLC is proud to feature many distinguished products throughout our website. Please be aware that each of the various trademarks, product names, company names, etc. represented by A Signature Welcome, LLC are the property of their individual owner-companies.  I also understand I am granted 2 rounds of revisions to my custom proposal without fee.  Every revision after the 3rd proposal  thereafter accrues $75 design fee each.

We cannot accept returns of perishable items or custom proposal items. We don't feel comfortable re selling a perishable food item that has not always been in our control. We cannot resell items deemed custom due to the nature of the product(s). We cannot accept returns of opened or partially consumed items. Shipping charges are non refundable. We are not responsible for products that spoil due to: packages left at the door for extended periods of time, packages sent back to freight location because nobody was available to sign for them, or delays in delivery times due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. We are not responsible for any items damaged during transit. Product Availability: A Signature Welcome, LLC will make every attempt to provide the selected welcome gift contents. In the case the availability changes, A Signature Welcome will provide alternate but similar products. Food Allergy Awareness:  If you or your guests have religious dietary guidelines or food allergies, you must disclose your allergy to A Signature Welcome LLC now, so they can notify the food manufacturers proposed in the following pages.  A Signature Welcome LLC is not liable for an injury occurs due to food allergies. A Signature Welcome does not make, handle, or package food.  A Signature Welcome is not a food manufacturer, only a retailer of pre-packaged foods and is not liable for food related injury or mis-labeling of ingredients by the food manufacturer.  All food laws and regulations must be complied by the food manufacturer. Alcohol: A Signature Welcome LLC does not sell alcohol. If you choose to add alcohol to your gifts, you agree you will not provide alcohol to persons under the age of 21 and you agree to be held legally responsible for the safety of your guests and any negative outcomes arising from your guests’ alcohol consumption.

Delivery:  Delivery fee is determined by location and number of stops. The client is responsible for submitting the final list of welcome gift recipients by venue, no later than 7 days prior to the delivery date. Hotel Fees: in the case that a hotel or accommodation charges a fee for holding welcome gifts or distributing welcome gifts, the client will resume full responsibility of this charge. The attached proposal are stock photos and the custom gift may not look exactly like the included proposal.  Please note, all orders are considered custom and we do not accept returns once payment is made.